Below is a description of WHAT IS Creative Corps.
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Year 1 – Responding To The Immigration Crisis Through Creativity, Community and Activism

“It is now the artist’s obligation not only to reflect the human condition but, along with that reflection, offer alternatives for engagement with one another that will allow for healthy community to develop and thrive.”    – Bari Hochwald, Artistic Director

Erich Fromm in The Heart of Man speaks of the ‘shattering of faith’ as being a motivator of revengeful violence in society. He posits that there is a moment in our individual lives when the role we had faith in – be it our parent, our god, our stable institution – will disappoint us and betray that innocent faith. At this moment there are two choices: 1) to become ‘more independent and able to find new friends, teachers or loved ones whom he trusts and in whom he has faith’ or 2) ‘the person remains skeptical. . . deeply deceived and disappointed person [who] wishes to prove that life is evil, that men are evil. This destructiveness is one of despair; disappointment in life has led to hate of life.’

Creative Corps is community which offers faith in action. The faith is that all human beings are capable of harmoniously creating a healthy community in which to live and to nurture and that the empathetic experience of intellectual inquiry and artistic expression is a core element. From this position of creative active faith, a fellowship emerges which courageously stands in the face of our species’ skepticism and destructive behavior in full understanding that individual experience in communal exploration heals what is broken both in ourselves and our planet.

This is both a rich question artistically and socially. It proposes a powerful place for theatre arts as a relevant catalyst for change while addressing that the art form has more to offer society then will be found housed in our playhouses and regional theatres. It also draws the deepest values from the artistic process which can be offered to our participants as a balm and a pathway.




2,000 individuals around the world as active members of Creative Corps

Each head the development of a community-engaged event in their city or town which touches at least 500 people.

1,000,000 people a year are engaged on a social issue following a methodology and process that guides them to use their creativity and intellect while deepening their sense of self and community.

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Year 1 – Responding To The Immigration Crisis Through Creativity, Community and Activism