What Legacy Will We Leave Behind?
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Latest post from The GTP Blog: . . . So really it is not that something needs to be fixed.  Because in addressing the issues that surround us by attacking them aggressively we are, actually, participating in the malady of mankind.  The action that I believe must be taken is to explore a sense of goodness, of rightness in humanity.  Our obligation is not to undo but to do Read More


As we prepare for 2015 we are looking at essential questions:

  • How can we most contribute to the future of a planet that, as it becomes more global is also becoming more territorial?
  • What legacy can we leave our children and why are the arts so vital to their inheritance?
  • How can theatrical processes offer tools that assist individuals to both navigate and lead through this global landscape?

Belarus Dream TheaterThe role of the arts has shifted in this century.  We are at the edge of a new conversation.  No one can stand on the sidelines as the international landscape shifts and changes.  Our children and university students must pro-actively stand with our artists in the center of this new reality.


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