What do you know about Belarus?  And why should we care what is happening there?

                                                   Belarusian Dream Theater (Italiano)               Belarusian Dream Theater

Our two next projects work with Artists, Youth and Community members in the U.S. and Italy (versione italiana)

The Global Theatre Project offers 2 of the 17 events around the world in a global initiative, Belarusian Dream Theater, which will be bringing attention to the human rights and censorship situation in Belarus, a country mostly ignored and which deserves our attention.
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Our new Creative Corps program for Los Angeles youth will take part in creating aspects of the event!


Other Projects of The Global Theatre Project:

At the 4th Annual Stratford/Shakespeare Connection we asked the question ‘What Is Our Part?’

Who Is The Enemy?‘ is a question we would like YOU to answer for our next project.  Please click here and add your voice!

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