A play about the impossible love between a frog and a crocodile

On May 19, 2013 The Global Theatre Project in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute and in collaboration with Fondazione Italia, brought our international artists from Florence, Italy to the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles to offer an afternoon of puppet  making and bilingual performance.  The heart of the performance showed the children that being curious about someone who is different instead of being fearful can bring even a frog and a crocodile together in peace and, in this case . . . in LOVE!

Workshop and performance: Bernard Vandal and Alessandro Grisolini
Photographer: Suzanne Witkin

Young participant Touching the Crocodile The performance starts At the Istituto Theatre Playing with new frog puppets In performance Director of Italian Cultural Center, Aristic Director, and Artists Bernard Vandal and young puppeteers Puppet Making Workshop