The GTP Institute

“We have become global citizens. We know we have been given a unique opportunity not offered to other students who study in Florence. We have been scared at times to be pushed beyond our comfort zone, but we have learned how courageous we can be and how much we can do and become. This is a life-changing experience and I am deeply grateful for it.” 

- Sydnee Houlette, Pilot Program

A major initiative of The Global Theatre Project is The GTP Institute.   We have piloted this program and are currently in final stages toward launching this program in 2018 (to be placed on our list for more information when it becomes available please contact us at

These steps will lead to opening ALL of our international projects to the participation of university students for credit toward their degree, offering them one of the most unique international educational opportunities for serious students of theatre.  Students of The GTP Institute will enter into a world specifically designed to integrate them creatively into the communities in which they are working and living with the underlying mission of awakening them to their global citizenship.  With a decade of practical experience in the area of working with US as well as international students in Florence, Italy, The Global Theatre Project is positioned to offer a truly authentic experience of student engagement abroad at a deep and productive level.  Students will work on the main project or initiative of The Global Theatre Project as well as on the Creative Campus Global Initiative during their time with us.

The GTP Institute will launch in  Florence Italy, where we have long established creative and institutional relationships.   When fully running the The GTP Institute will offer three semesters per year.  Once the format and structure for the The GTP Institute is in place, The Global Theatre Project will take this replicable program model to other locations throughout the world.

With a focus on global awareness and art-for-social-good on an international scale, students of The GTP Institute will be on the cutting edge exploring theatre’s relevance for global relationships and community service. For further information please contact us at

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