Los Angeles!


Arguably one of the most diverse cities in the United States, Los Angeles makes the logical choice for the west coast base of The Global Theatre Project.

As a theatrical region, Los Angeles is rich with hundreds of small, medium and large theatre companies as well as many other cultural, social and educational organizations which offer opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Some of the organizations which have already collaborated with or offered support to The Global Theatre Project are:

Heart of Los Angeles Youth, Actors For Autism, Los Angeles Theatre Center, Theatre at the Autry, the Gallery Theater, P.A.C.T., L.A. chapter of Amnesty International, Italian Cultural Institute, Aces for Kids, Pan Asian Volunteer Corps, and Fondazione Italiano.

When looking at the subject of global citizenship and international relationships, Los Angeles as a city and as a county offers an opportunity for The Global Theatre Project to explore global issues which can be connected to on a local level.  The richness of programming for youth which already exists here as well as the region’s clear commitment to nurturing this generation, will allow The Global Theatre Project‘s Creative Corps programming to work in tandem with existing programs, passionate individuals and organizations while bringing our central concern to light.

Here our work with youth will develop, with the long-term goal of creating replicable models to be shared with artist-instructors, educators and organizations throughout the United States.

All projects developed in other countries will link back in events such as Especially Now and Living An Explorer’s Desire.

One of the issues The Global Theatre Project hopes to address through working in Los Angeles, is the notion that there is a single image of an American.  This idea exists both abroad and at home and limits the truly magnificent prism that is the American definition.  Los Angeles is the perfect seed-ground for The Global Theatre Project to work with community members, youth and artists in celebrating and sharing the richness of our culture both at home and on an international level.