Members of Creative Corps Welcome!

(The following material is offered free to members. However, if you have not yet registered to be a member – and we want you to join us – it’s free! – please contact us at

All the tools you need to start are listed below. We are so happy to have you join us and moving forward together. The future will be filled with discovering ways to connect you, to share your work, to grow your knowledge base and supply you resources to be the most impacting we possibly can be. #WeRCreativeCorps !

Clearly there’s lots of work to do in this world and it’s time for theatre artists and creatives around the planet to come together through a replicable method. This is the one The GTP has constructed using theatre to assist in maintaining a balance in our communities and our planet. Our training program The GTP Institute, soon to launch in collaboration with Community Renewal International, will also add to the strength and growth of Creative Corps through its graduates and administration.

The first step is our launch project “An Explorer’s Desire.” It will focus on the immigration/refugee crisis and incorporate all the elements and aspects of what it means to do a Creative Corps project. This is to get you active immediately, connect you to the work in Baltimore (our US base), and assist you in embracing clearly what a Creative Corps project is. Any questions, any concerns write me at

Please click on: ‘The Process‘ for images of our event development in Baltimore.

Our intention is 500 individuals around the globe who commit to become Creative Corps members by participating in “An Explorer’s Desire” by the end of 2018. Whether these are individuals who join you or others you know in counties, cities, states or countries other then yours — please share with them the possibility of engagement. As always they can contact me. Let’s do this together!

There is no time frame to complete this project – there is no size expectation either. As you will see from the document below, this piece can be done in a theatre with a hundred people, or at a dinner table with fifteen. The point is that – together – we are going to participate in changing the conversation on immigration in our communities. And we are going to share the conversation nationally, and internationally.

I am thrilled for what we will find together because I have faith in the army of Creative Warriors we are building.

Warmly and in solidarity,

Bari Hochwald – Artistic Director

Tools You Will Need: 


an-explorers-desire-event-guide (an updated version of this is in process please contact me at

2) ForevA By Yolande Witkin created exclusively for “An Explorer’s Desire” and made available by artist for Creative Corps.

3) IMAGES which we have chosen that reflect some aspects of the history and present situation of human immigration which you can include either as projection or by printing and sharing them with your audience-participants.

Images for An Explorer’s Desire