Welcome to Creative Corps! And our launch project -

YEAR ONE: Creativity, Community, Action In Response To The Immigration Crisis

The goal of this first year’s project is two-fold.

1) To counter the dehumanization of immigrants and refugees
2) To insist on the reunification of every single child imprisoned by the US government with their family members (be it parent, sibling or other blood relative) as a national priority

(The following material is offered free. However, we would like to know you so we can track where this project is being done, answer any questions, share your experiences for greater impact and learn from you. Please contact us at info@theglobaltheatreproject.org. If you are not a US citizen, the script below can be altered to reflect your national concerns. Do contact us so we can discuss this. In Addition, there is an Italian version of the plays available.)

All the tools you need are here.

But the most important of them is your inspired motivation to heal our communities and our world.

Much of the illness mankind now faces is that we no longer trust our neighbors, we have become so self-focused that we are missing the point: human beings thrive and succeed when we work together and help one another. Here is our contribution.

If you are . . .

A theatre company
A group of actors who can offer this event to your community
A church, synagogue, mosque, temple
A meditation center, yoga studio
A university, college, high school
A business, club, arts center
A person with a dining room and a table . . .

. . . this event is designed to be done by you and done simply. It is a participatory event inspired by the Passover Seder and requires no more than 1 rehearsal. (Although you are welcome to get as elaborate as you like!) The event can be done for 10 people or 50 people. As you can see from the photos below:

At-Table JB1_1018


Tools You Will Need: 

1) Creative Corps_Performance Script

2) Creative Corps_Event Directions

3) Creative Corps_Participant Booklet (link)

4) IMAGES. As a part of your research we encourage you to find images that reflect some aspects of the history and present situation of human immigration in your town/city, the nation or internationally which you can include either as projection or by printing and sharing them with your audience-participants.

5) Sound downloads:

ForevA By Yolande Witkin created exclusively for this project and made available by artist for Creative Corps.

Sound Scape for audience entry:

Sound of children crying in detention center:

Again, we are looking to build a community of caring, active people through creative outreach and activism in our communities. This is the beginning of what we hope will be a long, healthy and creative relationship together. Please contact us at info@theglobaltheatreproject.org if you have any questions or when you have decided to join us by participating in this project. And, of course, please share widely! This might help: FACEBOOK @_CreativeCorps