Our supporters and partners are invaluable to the work of The Global Theatre Project and beyond. If we had a nickel for every wonderful deed or talent donated, there would be no need to fund-raise!

From the very beginning, The Italian Cultural Institute offered their assistance, and we are grateful for the exposure to their community. It isn’t just a Los Angeles/Florence connection, but a global community!


Why did Institute want to collaborate on this event with The Global Theatre Project?

As the Global Theatre Project stimulates creative engagements and collaborations between American theatre artists/students and their international counterparts, the IIC considers this event as an opportunity to start a collaboration in which theatre is an effective way to involve communities, highlighting social and political themes and creating a cultural bridge between US and Italy. 


What about the evening on December 11th interests you the most?

Florentine Playwright Stefano Massini's play premieres this Sunday

Since the playwright, Stefano Massini, comes from Florence and the play will be presented bilingually (English and Italian), we believe this is a way to promote Italian theatre in Los Angeles. We hope there will be new projects in the future in which the municipality of Florence will be also involved.


What are the main goals of the IIC that you would like people to know?

The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC), located at 1023 Hilgard Avenue in Westwood, established in 1984 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, promotes Italian culture in the USA. Its premises include an art gallery and a theater, where exhibitions screenings, lectures, conferences, and concerts are regularly held. A library of more than 6,000 volumes is open to the public with a loan service. The Institute organizes classes of Italian language at different levels and courses of Italian culture such as fashion, gastronomy wine, design etc. The IIC also collaborates with numerous local prestigious institutions in order to present Italy in all its cultural complexity, in the fields of visual arts, architecture, music, cinema, theater, literature, science.

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